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Universal Air Powered Saws for • Cutting Boiler Tube Panel & Removing Membrane • Cutting Pendant Tube • Working Around Clusters of Large Pipe • Cutting Big Tanks

Cutmaster Universal Air-Powered Saw for accurate cuts with no "HAZ" (Heat Affected Zone)
  • Tough and Field Proven : The CUTMASTER saw glides along a Track System and produces a straight, clean horizontal cut that requires no further rework for boiler tube panel removal.
  • Pipe Cutting with CUTMASTER : The FABMAX™ OD clamping Track System is ideal for cutting pipe from 6" to 60" O.D. This innovative universal pipe trolley and clamp assembly mounts to the pipe & lets the saw glide around the circumference making a perfectly square cut with no heat affected zone.

Available in different versions

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Key Features :
  • Provides accurate cuts with no "HAZ" heat affected zone
  • Eliminates rework & grinding before end prepping
  • Can be fitted with 10" and 12", or optional 14" blades
  • Safety relief valve prevents running at excessive speeds
  • Cuts tough materials with a high percentage of chrome
  • Ergonomic design has optimum balance of speed and torque
  • Glides effortlessly on easy to install Track
  • Works with track for cutting pipe up to 60" O.D.
  • Powerful 3 HP pneumatic motor operates on 90 psi shop air and uses only 80 CFM
Accessories :

Quick Clamp

The Quick Clamp is especially useful for:
  • Boiler Tube Panel Manufacturers
  • Cutting Pendant Tubes

Quick Clamp

The Quick Clamp features jaws which securely grip the panel section for making perfectly straight cuts.

Membrane Removal Bracket

This bracket mounts right onto the Track to easily remove membrane from between boiler tubes.

Single Cut Bracket

This bracket turns the CUTMASTER into a Portable Chop Saw. It is ideal for cutting tube, pipe or solid stock up to 100mm (4") O.D


Using a flexible mounting track Tank cutter system permits perfectly square cuts on big tanks. It is a wide steel track that attaches by tack welds to the side of any straight, contoured or cylindrical structure with a radius of 0.75m (2 ½ ft.) or larger.

There is no limit to the size of the tank because the FlexibleTRACK
comes in standard 1.8m (6 ft.) sections which can be joined together.

  • Tracks
  • Accessories
  • Saw Blades

These innovative kits were developed for cutting pipe from 6” to 60” O.D.


CUTMASTER with 10” blade can be mounted on the Pipe Trolley and can be used for cutting pipes from 6” to 60” using SS tracks. The Pipe Trolley adjusts to accommodate SS tracks. These tracks are available for 6” - 60” O.D. The Pipe trolley can be ordered as a option with the Saw or is available as a separate Kit.


The Low Radial clearance CUTMASTER Saw is designed exclusively for used with the SS Tracks for pipe cutting. The 8” blade Takes advantage of its low clearance for going around the diameter of a pipe in tight areas.

Cutting Pipe in simple steps using Pipe Trolley

  • Mount band to pipe & clamp into position
  • Mount trolley, Adjust & secure
  • Mount saw to trolley
  • Cut Pipe
  • SS Tracks & Pipe Trolley
  • Setup & Cut a 10” pipe in under 10 min. with a perfect square cut
Dedicated Low Radial Clearance CUTMASTER Saw

Requires less than 160mm (6¼") radial clearance

Low radial clearance CUTMASTER is designed exclusively for use on Fabmax SS Tracks

Applications :
Standard Supply Kit:

CUTMASTER Saws and accessories are shipped in easy to handle cases for convenient carrying and storage.

Consists of : Air Motor Assembly, Saw Chassis w/brake
Hose, 3/4" w/filter, oiler & ½"coupler
and one 5' Track
Carrying Case
Wrench Set ( 17 x 22 x 9/16)
Operating & maintenance instructions