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I.D. Clamping End Prep Tool 31.8mm I.D. to 168.3mm O.D. (1.25" I.D. to 6.625" O.D.)

Cuts heavy wall pipe or tube! Fast, chatter-free and easy to use...

Rugged, Fast and Reliable

CHAMFERMAX is the most ruggedly built and efficiently designed tools available today for milling heavy wall pipe and tube from 31.8mm (1.25") I.D. to 168.27mm (6.625") O.D. Rigidly mounting to the I.D. by a draw rod clamping assembly which centers the tool automatically, it utilizes a ratchet mechanism for feeding the cutter head. Featuring Titanium Nitride coated cutter blades for smooth milling, without requiring cutting oils, it produce a clean, continuous chip and square off the end of the pipe or tube.


Available in different versions

  • Pneumatic
  • Electric
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Key Features :
  • Tool rigidly mounts to pipe or tube I.D.
  • Self-centering draw rod assembly
  • Single gear drive system for optimum performance
  • One mandrel covers majority of the cutting range
  • Cutter blade locking design eliminates chatter
  • Cutter blades index easily for proper set up
  • Pneumatically powered with torque-free operation
  • Removes tube stup welds & prepares the header
  • Automatically squares off the end of pipe or tube
  • Produces clean, continuous chip without cutting oils
  • Lightweight & simple to operate without special training

Cuts heavy

wall pipe or tube.

Fast & chatter-free !

Because of the unique FABMAX lock blade locking system, it is easy to pull a heavy chip on the toughest alloys.

Accessories :
Applications :

Low RPM and extraordinary torque at the cutting bit make the CHAMFERMAX a great choice for many tube stub & overlay removal application

CHAMFERMAX rigidly mounts to the pipe or tube I.D. by a draw rod clamping assembly which centers the tool automatically to produce a clean bevel with a square end.

Membrane & Overlay Removal

Titanium Nitride coated cutter blades providesmooth milling , without cuttingoils , & produce a clean continuous chip.

Specifications :
Standard Supply Kit
Standard Kit Includes :

Gear Head, Tool Post, 1-1/4 HP Pneumatic Motor, Draw Rod Assembly, 1.800in Mandrel Hose with couplings, dirt stopper and Carrying Case.