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The High-Performance Light-Weight Pipe Beveling Machine 12.7 mm I.D. to 57.15 mm O.D.(0.5" I.D. to 2.25" O.D.)

The PREPMASTER is a right angle, I.D.Clamping Pipe end prep tool for small diameter boiler tubes and pipes. Featuring a push-pull clamp and release mechanism with permanently attached clamps and wrenches, this self-centering tool performs any angle of bevel and produces a smooth continuous chip.

Eliminating the possibility of loose parts falling down the tubes, this high performance tool utilizes the FABMAXTM wedge-style blade lock system and TiN coated blades for chatter-free beveling.


Available in different versions

  • Pneumatic Hi-Torque
  • Electric
  • Cordless
  • Pneumatic with Auto Clamping
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Key Features :
Patented push-pull clamping and release system
clambing tool
The patented push-pull I.D. The patented push-pull I.D. clamping system makes disengaging the tool from the tube as easy as clamping it and the blades are securely held in place by the PrepMaster blade lock system to provide smooth, chatter-free operation.
Sealed construction allows use in any orientation
clambing tool
The patented push-pull I.D. Totally sealed construction allows use in any orientation and the PREPMASTER only requires a 1.5" clearance, making it ideal for prepping tubes ranging from 12.7mm I.D. to 57.5mm O.D. with walls up to 12.7mm thick.
Other Key Features
  • Self-centering torque-free operation
  • Permanently attached clamps and wrenches
  • Rigidly mounts to tube I.D., easy to release
  • Produces a smooth, continuous chip
  • Compact, low-maintenance end prep tool
  • Performs any angle of bevel
  • Steel housing with integral radial-thrust ball bearing
  • Chatter-free cutter blade locking design
  • Uses TiN coated cutter blades
Accessories :
Air Actuator Clamp System Ideal for Tube Fabrication Facilities
Air Actuator

The PrepMaster is ideal for production applications and takes only minutes to convert from a manual clamping end prep tool to one of the fastest clamping tools on the market. Prepmaster equipped with the Air Actuator Clamp System can increase production by more than 300%!!! The FABMAX™ Air Clamp is designed for shop use when cycle time between end preps needs to be minimized.

  • Boiler tube panel fabrication
  • Tube sheet seal weld removal
  • Tube sheet end facing
  • End prep large numbers of consistent size tube and pipe
Key Features
  • Locks tool instantly to tube I.D.
  • Disengages immediately with the flip of a switch
  • Significantly decreases cycle time between end preps
  • Ideal for boiler tube component fabrication
  • Bevel face and bore in one operation
  • Rugged braided hose to control air flow & simple to operate
  • FABMAX™ lock blade locking system delivers superior blade performance
Applications :
Trimming Heat
Trimming Heat Exchanger Tubes

prepmaster Application for Trimming Heat Exchanger Tubes are being successfully used for trimming of thousands of Heat Exchanger & Condenser tubes of different materials including P91 Steel. The Machines are also available on Rental basis Custom adaptation as per Tube Sheet Design is possible Using the Automatic Air Clamping System and the specially designed stopper, High Tolerances can be maintained even in production environment.

Membrane & Overlay Removal

The Prepmaster High Torque Model has an additional gear reduction that reduces the rpm & doubles the torque at the cutting edge of the Insert and Blade. This Combination is ideal for removing Membrane as well as Overlay from boiler tubes from 22.225mm (.875") o.d. to 31.75mm (1.25") o.d.

High Torque Slow Speed Model

High Torque

Inserts for Membrane & Overlay Removal

MRB -8 tapered inserts are used on the patented Overlay and Membrane removal heads. They are easily installed and are not held by screws that can break.

MRB-8 inserts do not use screws, are easily removed and rotated to utilize the 360 deg cutting edge.

Standard Supply Kit, Pneumatic Drive , Article No. 200001
High Torque

The PREPMASTER is shipped complete with Jaws set, Air hose with quick - connect couplings, lubricator, filter, operating instructions packed in a rugged metal carrying case.