Cutmaster Boiler Panel Cutting Saws

Two Tubes Cutting, Membrane (Fin) Cutting,
Step Cutting of Tubes
Simultaneous removal of Membrane &
Beveling of Tube, Cutting using TCT Blades

Universal Air Powered Saws for :
• Cutting Boiler Tube Panel & Removing Membrane
• Cutting Pendant Tube
• Working Around Clusters of Large Pipe
• Cutting Big Tanks

Built for boiler makers, there are no bushings to wear out and the sealed mandrel prevents debris from getting inside the tool, allowing it to be used in any orientation. What’s more the compact design requires a minimum of 67mm (2-5/8”) to fit between tubes.

  1. Provides clean, accurate, straight cuts with no”HAZ” (Heat Affect Zone) when cutting boiler tube panels
  2. Easy to set up and operate
  3. Cuts tough materials with a high percentage of chrome and tubes with overlay or cladding
  4. Glides smoothly on easy to install Fabmax Track for boiler tube panel cutting
  5. Rotates easily for membrane removal
  6. Eliminates rework and grinding before beveling
  7. Powerful 3 hp pneumatic motor operates on 90 psi shop air and uses only 80 cfm
  8. Ergonomic design provides optimum balance of speed and torque
  9. Ideal for many applications requiring straight and accurate cuts

Boilermaker Tough and Field Proven

The Fabmax Cutmaster boiler tube panel saw effortlessly glides along the foot steel Fabmax Track System that is attaches to a boiler tube panel section using weld tabs. The saw’s powerful pneumatic motor and proprietary reinforced fiberglass abrasive saw blade cut all boiler tube alloys efficiently and makes both horizontal and vertical cuts. After completing a horizontal cut, simply remove the saw, rotate it 90° and re install it on the track. For even faster membrane removal, use the membrane removal bracket and available 1/4" (6.35mm) or 3/8" (9.53mm) membrane removal blades.

Combining a Fabmax tube beveling tool equipped with a membrane or membrane and overlay (cladding) removal head, the tube end prep and its O.D. are quickly and economically prepared for welding.

Model Cutmaster Standard Cutmaster Low Profile
Part No. 200009 200009LP
Motor 3 hp (2237 W) 3 hp (2237 W)
Air Pressure 90 psi (6.2 bar) 90 psi (6.2 bar)
Air Volume 80 cfm (2265 it / min) 80 cfm (2265 it / min)
Speed 5050 rpm 5050 rpm
Radial Clearance 343mm with 12 inch blade fully 19.1mm with 10 inch blade fully
plunged into tube plunged into tube
Cut Depth 111.13mm 85.7mm
Working Weight 12.7 kg 13 kg
Shipping Weight 29.5 kg 29.5 kg
Track 5ft. (1,524mm) 9 kg 9 kg
Shipping Dimensions 27" x 15" x 11"
(686mm x 381mm x 254mm)
27" x 15" x 11"
(686mm x 381mm x 254mm)
Track 66" x 3" (1676mm x 77mm) 66" x 3" (1676mm x 77mm)

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