Cold Pipe Cutting & Beveling Machines (CCBM)

Pipe Dia. Range : Ø ½"- 48"

FABMAX™ Cold Cutting and Beveling Machines are Portable Pipe Cutting Machines for in-situ precision cutting and beveling of all pipe sizes, schedules and materials. The range covers a wide range of pipe sizes from ½" to 48" OD and are designed so that minimal radial and axial clearance are required for easy installation on in-line closed loop pipe.

OD-Mounted Split Frame Pipe Cutting & Beveling Machines

  1. FRAME : Steel / Aluminum combination design gives High Strength to Cut / Bevel thick wall pipes, while keeping Machine Light Weight.
  2. SPECIAL DESIGN : Cutting Head Assembly, Drive Assembly & Bearings provide rigidity of operation to take care Axial & Radial force reactions
  3. Automatic Tool Feeding
  4. Interchangable Hydraulic / Pneumatic Drives

Split-Frame Body

For Mounting any where across In-line Pipes, eg.
Cross country pipelines. Cuts or Cut/Bevel simultaneously

User Friendly Ring Design

1. The Rotation Ring locking screw is positioned
in the Center providing symmetry & stability

2. Due to the uncovered screw design of the
stationary ring locking screw, installation of the
Split Frame on pipeline is very easy.

Drive Options

Universal Counter Boring Tool Slide

Part No. 540058
Performs inside beveling and Counter
boring Tool Feed.
Max. Travel : 70mm

Standard Tool Box

Part No: 540060
Used with standard tools to achieve
cut/bevel upto 30mm wall thickness in one pass.

Heavy Duty Tool Box

Part No: 540081
Special for heavy walled pipe, especially
for power plant with special tool bits,
cut/bevel wall thickness have no limit using multiple passes

Spring Loaded Tool Box

Part No: 540082
For use on Out-of-Round Pipes O.D. tracking tool box compensates for Out-of-Round pipes. Due to the spring loaded action & travel across O.D the bevel is balanced to achieve a uniform land. Usually used on large size diameter pipe

Hydraulic Power Pack

Part No: 520006
Power Supply: 415V 3PH 50Hz
32 liter / min@1400psi (96bars)

Powerful drive, High efficiency
Stable Performance
Low noise
Adjustable speed
Ideal for heavy wall thickness & large size pipe

Axial & Radial Clearance

Fabmax Split Frames are designed with compact cross section for low clearance applications. The clearance chart is for evaluating the installation space for In-situ machining where space limitation exists, most for pipeline maintain projects. With seventeen standard models available to find the suitable model.

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Standard Cutting & Beveling Tools

Cutting Tools (Inserts)

Facing and Beveling Tool

High-Efficiency Self-Centering Pipe Cutting & Beveling Machine

with a High Strength & Precision Ring structure, the machine is suitable for pipe cutting & beveling, especially for batch working Equipped with a powerful Electric motor : low noise, long life, stable performance & perfect speed adjustable function.


Model CCB 1463 CCB 57114
Working Range (OD) 14-63mm 57-114mm
Wall Thickness ≤ 15mm ≤ 15mm
Speed 30-120r/min 30-120r/min
Net Weight 13kgs 16kgs

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