Build for Heavy wall, Small bore, Hard alloy tubes for dia. upto 76.2 mm O.D.

The SPRINT has a “C” shaped border that firmly attaches to the tube outside diameter (O.D.) using a saddle with a massive clamp that minimizes chatter and vibration. This rugged construction allows the tool’s cutting blade to bevel / Face quickly. Several cutter heads are available for tubes up to 3” O.D. Both the saddle and cutter heads are extremely durable and easy to change.

  1. Narrow Body only 44.45mm (1.75”) wide
  2. Large clamping surface rigidly holds tool for chatter-free bevels
  3. Pneumatic, Electric or Battery motors available and are easily inter changed
  4. No I.D. mandrel makes this tool perfect for boring
  5. Robust ratchet wrenches are securely attached
  6. Changing clamps and other tooling is easy
  7. Low maintenance
  8. Compact, light weight and rugged

Secures to the tube O.D. and is easy to use

The Sprint beveling tool securely attaches to the tube O.D. with a huge clamp that minimizes chatter and vibration and is well suited for small bore tubes because there is no I.D. clamp or mandrel to interfere. The I.D. clearance gained also allows for large, tough I.d. boring blades that increase cutter blade endurance.

Designed for maximum operator comfort, efficiency and ease of use, the attached wrench lets the operator comfortably feed the tool as it bevels the tube with minimal fatigue. Constructed to deliver reliable performance on the toughest applications, the Sprint is a rugged tool that is light in weight and compact. Highly engineered, it incorporates state of the art materials and heat treated components.

The optional Right Angle Drive allows the air motor to be mounted in four different positions for use in limited access areas.

Sprint Cutterheads, Blade Lock & Screws

Cutter Head
Part No.
Size(in) Blade Lock
Part No.
Per Head Lock Screw
Part No.
Per Lock Cutter Screw
Part No.
Per Head
CF-35 1.750" CF-39B 3 CF-36 1 CF-40 1
CF-35A 2.000" CF-39 3 CF-36 1 CF-40 1
CF-35B 2.250" CF-39A 6 CF-36 1 CF-40 1
CF-35C 2.500" CF-39B & 39A 3-each CF-36 1 CF-40 1
CF-35D 3.000" CF-39 6 CF-36 1 CF-40 1

Working Range : 12.7mm (1/2”) O.D. to 76.2mm (3”) O.D.

Motor Pneumatic Air Clamp Electric Cordless
Part No. 200004 200004E 200004C
800w 120V 8.5A 50/60 Hz 950w, or 18V Li-ion - upto 5.2Ah
90 psi (6.2 bar) 220-240V 4.4A 50/60 Hz 950w *115v / 60 hz or
35 cfm *220 - 240V 50-60 hz
Speed 125 rpm 12 rpm - 63 rpm 49 rpm
Min. Width Clearance 44.5 mm 44.5 mm 44.5 mm
Head Length 4.4 mm 246.4 mm 246.4 mm
Head Length 355.6 mm 406.4 mm 355.6 mm
Working Weight 9 kg 10.5 kg 10.5 kg
Shipping Weight 18.1 kg 19.1 kg 19.1 kg
Shipping Dimensions 21” x18” x 7”
533mm x 457mm x 178mm
17” x 31” x 8”
432mm x 787mm x 203mm
17” x 31” x 8”
432mm x 787mm x 203mm

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